The Siberian Husky Club of America, Inc. (SHCA) recognizes the importance of working the dogs in harness to maintain and perpetuate the working and performance capability of the Siberian Husky. SHCA sponsors five programs to recognize the working Siberian Husky to recognize, applaud, and encourage owners of Siberian Huskies.

The Working Sled Dog Programs of SHCA are the following:

  1. The Sled Dog Class at Specialty Shows
  2. The Sled Dog Degree Program
  3. The Working/Showing Trophy
  4. The Lombard/Norris Sled Dog Team Awards
  5. The Working Pack Dog Program

The Working Sled Dog Committee has the primary responsibility for administration of the programs, subject at all times to the direction of the SHCA Board of Directors. The Chair and if desired, Assistant to the Chair are appointed by the SHCA Board of Directors. Participation on the Working Sled Dog Committee by SHCA members with experience in the sport of sled dog racing and/or pack dog hiking is encouraged.

It is the responsibility of the Working Sled Dog Committee to keep members advised of occurences and the status of the sport through education, including columns in the SHCA Newsletter and Bulletin and other appropriate publications.

While changes do occur in the sport of sled dog racing and modifications and amendments to the SHCA programs will be needed, change is encouraged only when deemed necessary in order to maintain uniformity and continuity within the sport itself.

The rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club regarding Registration govern all question of registration of individual dogs. The ruling of the American Kennel Club will be final in all instances. Copies of the Rules and Regulations Regarding Registration may be obtained from the American Kennel Club.

All necessary rules, forms and applications for all of the SHCA Working Programs may be obtained from the SHCA web page. Contact the Chair or any regional representative for further information or assistance. Committee listings are at the end of this section.

General Definitions for SHCA's Working Programs

Certified Race Results: are the completed authorized SHCA forms or copies thereof listing the names of the dogs on the team and signed by the Race Marshal, Chief Judge, or Chief Timer as true and correct

Chief Judge and/or Race Marshall: the race official who has final authority

Chief Timer: the race official who has final authority for accuracy of the placings and times

Dog: in Working Dog Rules and Programs includes both sexes

ILP Dog: a purebred Siberian who for some reason, such as rescue, has no registration papers. On application to the American Kennel Club an Indefinite Listing Privlege may be granted, which allows the dog to participate at AKC Performance activities and the SHCA Sled Dog and Working Pack Dog Degree Programs. The dog may not be exhibited at conformation show.

Race: shall mean only those events held on snow with sleds or toboggans sponsored by a recognized race giving organization

Recognized Race Giving Organization: any club, breed club, association, or similar group which: is a current member of the International Sled Dog Racing Association or has as its stated purpose in its constitution and bylaws the promotion or sponsorship of sled dog races or is a civic or community organization which promotes/supports sled dog racing

Sled: wooden or metal sled on which driver stands

For additional information on the Working Dog program, please contact:
Wayne Curtis, SHCA Working Programs Chairman
PO Box 874615
Wasilla, AK 99687-4615

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