During the OKC Summer Classic Dog Shows (June 24-28, 2015) -- Oklahoma City, OK
Arrangements are being made to present the SHCA-approved Judges' Education Seminar and Workshop. Please visit this page again, as we will update as plans are finalized.

During the National Specialty Week (October 28-31, 2015) -- Topeka, Kansas

Judges' Education Seminar, Workshop, Judges' Study Group, and Ringside Mentoring, sponsored by the Siberian Husky Club of America, Inc., held in conjunction with the National Specialty. Seminar and Workshop Friday, October 30th; Scheduled Ringside Observation during Best of Breed Judging on Saturday, October 31st, and at other times by prior arrangement.
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Or, for information contact:
Donna Beckman, SHCA Judges' Education Chairman

Continuing Education Seminar, sponsored by the Siberian Husky Club of America, Inc., held in conjunction with the National Specialty, on Tuesday evening October 27, 2015. The topic is "In Search of MY Siberian," by Michael Jennings.

Over the years, having been asked to lecture on the breed in a number of countries, I have developed a pwer point presentation of about an hour called "In Search of MY Siberian," in which I tell the story of how I can to see the breed over 40+ years: from an historical, functional, and ultimately personal perspective. It's the result of years of research into canine form and function, including conversations with many of the first and second generation breeders and top Siberian drivers. And its premise is, if we learn to see clearly, we begin to ask the right questions, and vice versa; we become better breeders.

There is no charge for attendance (donations are always appreciated), but RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED to ensure there are adequate supplies and space. The seminar will last approximately 1 hour. The deadline to register for the seminar is October 15, 2015.

To register of, if you have questions, contact
Anne Palmer, SHCA Breeder/Exhibitor/Fancier Education Chairman

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