The following SHCA members have either Siberian Husky puppies or adults available for placement.

These listings are intended to serve as an informational resource for SHCA web site users. The breeders listed are provided for your convenience to help you find Siberian Husky Puppies from SHCA members who have paid for their listing. The SHCA does not endorse or warrant the animals available from these breeders. The SHCA suggests puppy buyers exercise care in selecting any Siberian Husky puppy, including requiring parents be OFA (hips) and CERF/SHOR (eyes) cleared of hereditary defects. For more information about hereditary defects and how to avoid them, visit Your Siberian: Its Hips and Its Eyes. Any older puppy and/or dog listed here for placement is spayed or neutered. You should check with the individual breeders regarding the terms of any warranties or guarantees that they may offer on their animals. We suggest you request a written contract when purchasing a puppy and to discuss with the breeder their commitment to the "SHCA Code of Ethics."

You understand and agree that SHCA is not providing any warranties of any kind, express or implied, in connection with the products or services offered by breeders on the website, including warranties of health or fitness.

Listings are organized by state for your convenience.

For SHCA members wishing to list litters and/or dogs available for placement, please click here: Submit a Listing.

To find a puppy or dog in your area, please click on the state abbreviation to take you to listings in your area. Please contact the breeder/owner directly.


How to Submit a Litter Listing/Dog Placement Listing


FOR SHCA MEMBERS ONLY: In an effort to encourage puppy buyers to purchase a Siberian from a reputable breeder, the SHCA Board has established this on-line classified listing service. SHCA members in good standing who have signed the “SHCA Code of Ethics” may advertise a litter or a dog for placement.

Listings will be organized by state to help potential buyers locate puppies/dogs in their area. Listings will follow a standard format with no special design work. Each listing will be active for three month periods of time. However, you may ask for it to be removed prior to the end of the listing period with no refund for the unused time. Our goal is to update listings every two weeks.


      Litter Listings: 3 months for $50.00
Dog Placement Listings: 6 months for $50.00

Listings will include the following information:

Breeder’s Information
Breeder's Name
Breeder's Address
Phone Number
Web site Address
E-Mail Address

Litter Information:
Sire's Name:
*Sire's OFA: (*proof of OFA required)
*Sire's CERF/SHOR: (*proof of current eye clearance required)
Dam's Name:
*Dam's OFA: (*proof of OFA required)
*Dam's CERF/SHOR: (*proof of current eye clearance required)
Date Whelped/Due: mm/dd/yyyy
Number/Sex Puppies: # males; # females
Comments: (25 word maximum; please refrain from making claims)

Owner's Information
Owner's Name
Owner's Address
Phone Number
Website Address
E-Mail Address

Dog Information
Dog's Name:
Birth Date/Age: mm/dd/yyyy
Sex: (*proof of neutering/spaying required)
Sire's Name:
Dam's Name:
Comments: (25 word maximum)

*Proof of these items are required and will be verified (including current CERF/SHOR numbers) prior to listing being published.

To place your listing, click here to download an application form that includes the requried information. Complete the form and send it with check or money order (drawn on US funds from a US bank), made payable to SHCA, to:

Sheri Wright
1597 Rattalee Lake Road
Holly, MI 48442-8544

No listing will be posted until provided information is verified and payment has cleared bank. You are encouraged to place your ad early.

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