This updated information is provided by SHCA's Health/Genetics Committee to keep the fancy apprised of current research and studies which will benefit the Siberian Husky.

Siberian Corneal Dystrophy Study
Dr. Keith Montgomery and the Genetic Laboratory of North Carolina State University College of Veterminary Medicine are performing a research study to identify the genetic mutation responsible for crystalline corneal dystrophy in Siberians Huskies. The goal is to use this research to develop a DNA test and help breeders decrease the frequency of corneal dystrophy in Siberian Huskies.

They are inviting new participants for this study. The requirements are: crystalline corneal dystrophy diagnosed by a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist (can be during an OFA or CERF eye certification examination), or a Siberian who is at least 8 years of age, and is clear of corneal disease. DNA from your Siberian is submitted by blood draw performed by a veterinarian or veterinary tehnician. Please have the ophthalmologist who diagnosed your dog contact Dr. Montgomery for more information to ensure that your dog is a candidate for the study.

Primary contact: Dr. Keith Montgomery, NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine. Email:, phone 919-515-8117.

Please note that if anyone participating in this study -- whether affected or healthy -- needs blood drawn fore the DNA sample, SHCA Genetics/Health Chairman Sheila Blanker Morissey has volunteered to do the necessary blood draw at the 2013 Natioal free of charge. Please contact Sheila for more information:

Lend a paw if you can and support important research for our dogs and while you are at it consider donating another sample to the CHIC DNA Repository to help future research.

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