Continuing Education for the New Millennium

In response to the growing interest from Siberian Husky fanciers for information about the Siberian Husky, itself, SHCA's Education Committee will inaugurate a series of seminars for the Siberian fancier in the 21st century.

At the National Specialty in Minnesota in 1997, SHCA devoted its entire educational symposium to the programs of SHCA's Education Committee. This symposium was so well attended and generated such great comments from the fancy, that the Education Committee was challenged to come up with a way to continue such "breed" education activities. The obstacles to such a challenge are significant. Our National Specialty schedules have become less flexible due to the number of events they include. While the Education Committee has, over the years, developed a number of programs, activities, and workshops--all of which take time to present. And, while some fanciers can attend many of our annual events, not every fancier is able to reach every specialty! So, how can we fit one more event in a full schedule, to provide breed education in all of our geographical areas, while not repeating the same material year-after-year?

The solution to this challenge seems to be a series of mini-seminars: a different educational activity presented in a short session over a number of years. So, those able to attend year-after-year will participate in a different seminar each year, as will those who might have to miss a specialty or two. And, each seminar, while presenting some aspect of the Siberian Husky and helping to build on one's existing knowledge, would not require any seminar as prerequisite. So, anyone can "join" the series at any time. The only prerequisite would be some knowledge of the Standard for Siberian Huskies, and interest in learning more about our wonderful breed. And, over time, a fancier can participate in all of the educational opportunities available through SHCA's Education Committee.

Such current mini-seminars include:
- A History of the Siberian Husky (conducted in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 2002 & Rockford, Illinois, 2006)
- A History of the Siberian Husky--The Cruelest Miles (Greenville, South Carolina, 2004)
- The Siberian Husky as a Sled Dog (Rockford, Illinois, 2006)
- The Two-Minute Drill: How to Examine a Siberian Husky (Rohnert Park, California, 2007)
- The SHCA Slide Show on the Siberian Husky
- Proportion Measurements of the Siberian Husky (conducted in Kerhonksen, New York, 2001, and in Gettysburg, PA, 2008)
- Applying the Siberian Husky Standard to Live Dogs (conducted in Portland, Oregon, 2003, and in Chattanooga, TN, 2009)
- Genetics (conducted in Topeka, Kansas, 2004)
Education Committee is developing additional seminar topics all the time.

The Tenth Annual SHCA Continuing Education Seminar is now being planned, and will be held during the National Specialty at the Holiday Inn Lawrence, KS. This year's seminar will be held on Tuesday, October 26, 2010, and the topic is ___________________. For more information, and the process to sign-up, please visit the web page for upcoming events. Certificates (for first-time attendees) and validation stickers will be presented to all attending.

For more information, contact:
Phyllis Brayton, SHCA Education Chairman
1508 Brayton Avenue
Escalon, CA 95320 

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