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Committee Chairman: David K. Qualls, DVM
Committee Members: Donna Beckman and Anne Palmer
Team Leaders:

  • Donna Beckman, El Cerrito, CA
  • Sandy Carman, Marietta, GA
  • Dawn Eisele, East Islip, NY
  • Angela Porpora, Walton, NY
  • Frank Polimeni, Vista, CA
  • Vern Harvey, Olive Branch, MS
  • Karen Morin, Englewood, CO
  • Anne Palmer, Dexter, MI
  • Jan Sigler, Shawnee Mission, KS

Team Members

Based on the restarted countdown clock, the deadline is June 4, 2012, at midnight, EDT.

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In Progress:

  • Body 1 (Size, Proportion, & Substance; Neck, Topline, & Body, & Tail)
  • Body 2 (Forequarters; Hindquarters)
  • Gait


Where We Stand

An update; the Leonhard and Lorna "Ideals" in profile as they were displayed at the National in Lawrence are now "on hold" as outlined above. Work on these profiles will proceed once adequate illustrations are finalized from the AKC Standard section assignments.

Presently the Committee is working with Jeanne Flora on illustration of the Ideal Siberian as viewed from the front and from the rear. Photos from each Team have been catalogued and reviewed. Panel members voted on photos they thought best demonstrated how a Siberian should appear from a frontal and also from a rear view. After the Advisory Panel submitted their choices, the Committee reviewed the photos and has in turn relayed these to our Illustrator. Jeanne Flora has prepared rough drafts and the Committee is now in the process of critiquing substance, angles, lengths and proportions. Once Jeanne modifies these preliminary illustrations to the Committee's satisfaction they will be shared with the nine Team Leaders, then the full Advisory Panel for further critique and potentially for further modifications. Once the Panel reaches consensus, the illustrations will be considered as final, and we will proceed on to the next phase of the project.

The Advisory Panel is currently submitting, reviewing, and voting on "Ideal" Siberian Heads. Once we have recommendations from the Panel, the Committee will follow the same procedures outlined above to translate these into illustrations. The Committee's intention is to illustrate multiple examples and acceptable variations of correctly proportioned and composed Heads. Because our AKC Standard places so much less emphasis on the importance of our breed's Head than with many other breeds, we hope to illustrate more than one Head "Style" while still remaining within the guidelines of our Standard.

Following completion of the Front, Rear, and Heads Ideal sections of our Standard illustrations each Team will proceed to their individual section assignments as outlined and referenced in the previous article. Illustrations from Team section assignment submissions will first be reviewed by the Committee, then the Team Leaders assigned to that section, then by the assigned Team members, and finally the balance of the Team Leaders and the full Advisory Panel. This will allow Team members who have spent the most time and energy on those particular sections to express their opinions earlier in the illustration and modification process.

David K. Qualls, D.V.M.

The SHCA Board of Directors has approved the contract for our illustrator, Jeanne Flora! Visit her website, click here.

The Process "Illustrated"

Designing an understandable process to coordinate contributions from nine Teams and just fewer than one hundred SHCA members has at times been a somewhat daunting task. I have found no textbooks or pamphlets "for Dummies" at the local Barnes and Noble on this process. So that means I have been assigned the task of transforming the ideas floating about in my head into workable and manageable stepwise tasks. Recently every Advisory Panel Member received an email in which I attempted to explain the process being used to translate input from our Teams into actual illustrations. I thought the membership at large might also appreciate an opportunity to better understand how we approach this transformation.

One request from the Team Leaders at our meeting in Lawrence was for a better defined schedule of events so Teams and Leaders alike would know when their section assignments are expected to be complete. I sincerely appreciate both Donna Beckman and Anne Palmer for their work on our Master Schedule which precisely outlines both major and minor deadline dates in addition to our Team goals and expectations. Their real world experience has been invaluable in developing this and additional management tools to be used for this project. This schedule has been of great value in the Panel's and Committee's work since we met in October. Our Teams now have specific dates when their individual Standard section assignments are expected to be completed. This has made the process more enjoyable, more predictable and less confusing.

The entire Advisory Panel has already contributed to formulation of our "Ideal" Siberians (as viewed in profile), our "Ideals" for the Siberian as viewed from the front and from the rear, and is currently contributing to our "Ideals" composition of the Head. This has been accomplished by having each Team Leader collect photos from their Team members, followed by the Teams voting and comments on the contributions. A series of reviews and votes finally narrow down the photos to a manageable number and they are then placed in order of the Panel's preference. The Committee then reviews the photos selected by the Panel and forwards them along with our own comments to the Illustrator. Work on the individual section assignments will follow a similar process.

The following are highlights of the e-mail to our Advisory Panel members explaining and clarifying the process being used ;

For conservation of both time and energy, photos and information collected (selected) by Teams on their individual section assignments will first be shared (only) with the members of the Committee. As you recall, with the exception of the full Panel contributing to composition of the "Ideals" for Profiles, Fronts, Rears and Heads, our Standard has been divided into multiple sections and each section has been assigned to at least two Teams. Section assignments are available for your review at the TEAM WEBSITES link on the top menu.

The Committee has decided to forgo any further modification of the Profile Ideals as they were presented at the National Specialty in Kansas until we have more input from our Teams on their individual section assignments, as this could and this should influence composition of our "Ideal" Profile final illustrations. The Committee is currently reviewing preliminary Front and Rear illustrations, and these should be available for presentation to the Panel for review within a few weeks.

Once each Team has completed their section assignment, their input will first be reviewed by the Committee. Duplicating the process used to compose (Profile, Front, Rear, and Head) Ideals, the Committee will then translate Team input on each section into instructions to our Illustrator. Once the Illustrator provides drafts the Committee considers suitable, these will then be shared back with the Teams assigned to that section. Following any modifications, additions or corrections to the satisfaction of both the Committee and contributing Teams, these drafts will be shared first with the balance of the Team Leaders. Once they receive preliminary approval from the Team Leaders, they will be presented to the full Advisory Panel. Additional input will be considered by the Committee, the Team Leaders, and that section's contributing Teams for a decision on any further modifications. At this point the full Advisory Panel will be asked for approval of the illustration as final.

I hope this outlines and clarifies the planned process. Please review your Master Schedules as they have been emailed and updated so you remember what your individual responsibilities will be.

Please note (in the second paragraph above) that the Committee has placed finalization of the Leonhard and Lorna "Ideals" on hold until section assignments have been completed. Our original plan, at the suggestion of our Illustrator was to complete these Ideals before proceeding to a section by section correct and incorrect illustrations. This was the procedure Jeanne used on the Doberman Pinscher and other Illustrated Standard projects. Remember there is no written guideline for a project of this type, and it occurred that we would likely be looking at unwanted and potentially expensive modifications if we built "the whole" before we had all of our contributing parts. For this reason we will first complete, or nearly so, the accompanying section assignments and use those works to contribute to our composition of our portrayal of the "Ideal" Siberian in profile. Hopefully our "Ideal" in profile will be a sum of it's parts.

I hope this clarifies our work process to anyone interested. If any SHCA member has a question or questions which I can answer, please take a moment out of your day to e-mail me.

David K. Qualls, D.V.M.

The Beginning

A proposal for a new Illustrated Standard of the Siberian Husky project was presented to the Board of Directors October 4, 2009 following the SHCA National Specialty held in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Following an extensive review this proposal was accepted and approved by the Board at their meeting held in conjunction with the Rocky Mountain SHC Specialty in Denver, Colorado on May 2, 2010. Speculation has been plentiful during these seven intervening months and I appreciate the opportunity to now explain the thoughts behind this proposal and to further define a plan to implement them.  

The basic premise of this proposal is that a project of this importance and magnitude must have input and support from a broad base of the membership if it is to have any hope of being accepted and being successful. Our goal is to keep the work of this group as transparent and open to any interested member of the SHCA as possible. By keeping a significant number of SHCA members involved in varying degrees of responsibility and interaction I hope the membership becomes familiar enough with the process and the expected end product that it will be readily accepted once complete.

The Board accepted this proposal on the condition that an Illustrated Standard Committee consisting of three members would be formed. The Board was more comfortable with this format as opposed to a Committee of one as I had originally proposed. This seemed like a reasonable compromise so when the President asked me to serve as Illustrated Standard Committee Chairman I accepted her offer. Mrs. Anne Palmer and Ms. Donna Beckman have also agreed to serve on the Illustrated Standard Committee with me. Other than this one stipulation from the Board, I have been granted authority to organize and implement the project plan as it was proposed.

The Illustrated Standard Committee will assemble and manage an Advisory Panel to be composed of; SHCA Lifetime Members; SHCA Member Breeder Judges, and an additional compliment of SHCA general members with significant experience in the breed. These Advisory Panel members will be organized into Teams, each guided by a Team Leader, who has already been invited to participate in this project. Currently there are nine Team Leaders and each Team will be composed of ten Team Members. These numbers are flexible and may be adjusted after we have seen the response from the membership at large once the announcement of project initiation has been circulated

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