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Thank you to the following for your pledges:

Jan Ahlgren
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Bob & Dawn Eisele
John Higley
Tony & Adele Keyfel
Alan Davis
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Jean Edwards
Lower Columbia SHC
Joy Graeme Messinger

Remember: "Unless you are a Lead Dog, the view never changes."

September, 2010  -  From the Fund Raising Team:

The Lead Dog Project has been an amazing success, and those of us on the Fund Raising Team want to thank the SHCA members, friends and area clubs who each contributed or offered to contribute $500 to the production of this Illustrated Standard.  There are more than 50 people interested in being Lead Dogs, but the Project is limited to 50.  So, what happens now?

Well over half of the pledged funds are already deposited in the SHCA Trust, to be used to produce the Illustrated Standard once the Board approves the contracts for the illustrator and the layout artist.  As of this writing, only 12 people who expressed an interest in becoming a Lead Dog haven't returned anything - no signed pledge form and no check.  Most of those 12 have promised, upon being reminded of the looming deadline, that their check would be mailed right away.

Since we have more people interested in becoming a Lead Dog, the decision was made to open up the list as of September first, which was the deadline to get funds in.  On the first of September, it becomes a race - those who are on the waiting list, or any other interested parties, are on equal footing with those who have expressed interest but have not sent in a signed pledge form or check.   Those who have sent a signed pledge form to Jan prior to September 1st are OK until October 16th, the deadline for all Lead Dog donors to get their checks in, but must be fully paid by then or they will lose their Lead Dog status.

So, here's your take-away: if you've committed to becoming a Lead Dog but have not sent in a check or a pledge form, do it right now.  If you would like to be a Lead Dog but waited until after we already had 50 commitments, you may still have a chance.  Email Jan Ahlgren for a pledge form, or simply put a check for $500, made payable to the SHCA Trust, in the mail to her today.

As a reminder, Lead Dogs get recognition in the finished Illustrated Standard, much the way patrons are listed in theatre programs, and also get a special, limited edition copy of the Illustrated Standard.  Plus, because the Trust is a 501(C)3 entity, donations are tax deductable to the extent allowed by law.

You can email Jan Ahlgren at
or you can put a check in the mail to Jan at:
12989 Otchipwe Avenue N.
Stillwater, MN 55082-8564

Again, from the Fund Raising Team, thank you so much for generously stepping up to ensure an Illustrated Standard we can all be proud of.

Sandy Weaver Carman and the Lead Dog Team

Jan Ahlgren
John Higley
Vivian Kuhn
Sheila Kanzler
Dan Fleitas
Bobbie Palmer

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